2.7% of the Country Populationare Disabled - Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled

2.7% of the Country Populationare Disabled


Jamila Afghan Deputy Minister in Martyrs and Disabled Affairs said in a statement to the National Conference for Disabled, nowadays existence of disabled isin a smaller degree in governmental administrations, approximately 3% fromthe disabled in the country 11945 of them are employees in governmental administrations which make less than 1% of them, she added.

We want athoroughgoing society for disabled, all the institutions are responsible toward disabledtranquility and thelettereds’ role are most important toward disabled as well, Jamila Afghani said.

MurtazaNikzad adviser to the executive directorate talked to the conference as well, he mostly emphasized on changing mind toward disabled, all disabled are equal and the national unity government is committed to the tranquility of disabled.

On the second day of the conference each of the institutions for disabled and disabled themselves talked about the problems and solutions in 8 groups and then exhibited them to the Afghan National Unity Government Leaders.

UstadWasel Noor Momand deputy Minister in Social Affairs, Abdul BaqiBaryalmember of the parliament and disabled’s representatives talked about the rights of disabled.

Along with somerequirements of disabled, their representatives also requested the National Unity Government to make the Deputy Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled independent and allocate special budget toitthrough the disabled be able to easily get to their problems on due date.

In this two days conference 425 disabled and representative from other institutions were participated whichtalked on the problems and discussed the solutions.