The foundation stone of an orphanage was laid in Kapisa province.

 Today April, 22 2018 His Excellency Faizullah Zaki minister of labor, Social affairs, Martyrs and disabled has traveled with an official delegation to Kapisa province to lay down the foundation stone of an orphanage in Mahmud RAQI the provincial capital.

 In this official trip, Azizurahman Tawab deputy governor of Kapisa province firstly welcomed Faizullah Zaki after that he appreciated from leadership of the ministry for construction of this orphanage.

Mr. Tawab further added: we are satisfied from the activities of provincial directorate of labor, social affaires, Martyrs and disabled in Kapisa Province, He also revealed that people of Kapisa support all the plans of this directorate.

In addition deputy governor said: people of Kapisa province are so interested to knowledge, He emphasized that people of Kapisa province are so happy and fully support orphanage construction.

At the end we can mention, this building will be constructed by worth of $170000 in one acre land by end of the current fiscal year.