National labour conference, a strategy for entrepreneurship

 National labour conference was held by the initiative of the ministry of labor, social affairs, Martyrs and disabled and president economic advisers office which was inaugurated by the speech of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah the chief Executive of Afghanistan and continued by speech of Faizullah Zaki minister of labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and disabled and 9 panels.

Unemployment is the biggest Challenge of our society and will lead to more and more challenges said Faizullah Zaki minister of labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and disabled. What are the current employment and unemployment rates? Do we have the capacity and resources for entrepreneurship? What are the challenges? What are the solutions for the eradication of these challenges? These are the questions which have to be solved first.

 The participants of national labour Conference were governmental, non-governmental organizations and private sector which discussed all the aspects of labour and unemployment and talked about opportunities, challenges and resolutions to unemployment in nine different panels and pledged to create up to 2 millions of jobs in the next three years.

In the second and last day of this conference: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of the Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan congratulated May 1st the International Labour Day and Simultaneously he further added: the national unity government of Afghanistan is committed to labors’ equal rights and emphasized on equal development of private sector, For sustainable development balance is so important between agriculture, industry, mining and constructions’ sectors.

President Ghani also insisted on equal employment’s opportunities, rural and urban development and added we should immediately solve the problem of unemployment and gather economic consensus to pave the ground for entrepreneurship in our country.

At the end ministry of labor, social affairs, Martyrs and disabled has concluded 33 different agreements with different organizations for more and more job creation.