High commission of Women and Children harassment prevention of Molsamd held its 2nd meeting.

His Excellency Faizullah Zaki with representatives of several others governmental and independent organizations participated at the second meeting of high commission of Children and women abusing prevention.

At this meeting, comprehensive discussions took place about the adaptive plan of high commission of Children and women abusing and harassment prevention and job description of this commission which works under the management of gender officer of the ministry of labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and disabled.

Faizullah Zaki Minister of Labor, social affairs, Martyrs and disabled insisted on the creation of a platform for the implementation of Children and women abusing prevention law and added: government working so hard and committed for the implementation of this law.

We will create the safe living environment for women and children if we successfully implement the Children and women abusing and harassment prevention law, said Mrs. Zaki.

At the same time, others members of this commission insisted on public awareness and Uniform implementation of the law can decrease violence and harassment in the society.  

This law has 3 chapters and 29 articles which were approved by wolosi Jirga or Afghan parliament in 2015, signed by Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in 2016 and penetrated at the same year.