Martyrs’ week and the 17th martyrdom anniversary of National Hero commemorated.

His Excellency Faizullah Zaki minister of labor, social affairs, Martyrs and disabled has participated in martyrs’ Week ceremony which was held in Afghan-Korea Vocational training center's Conference room.

Ahmad Wali Massoud the brother of National Hero Ahmadshah Massoud and Director of Massoud Foundation and Wasil Noor Muhmand Head of the Secretariat of Jamiyat Party were also present.

Martyrs are the servants of Allah, martyrs are the victory symbol of right against wrong and symbol of bravery among the people Said, Faizullah Zaki.

Ahmad Shah Massoud was the beacon of liberty and a person who always prefer national interests on own and party’s interests Zaki added.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is obligated to reserve all the rights of disable’s people and the Heirs of martyrs and have to take measures for facilitation of employment and studying for them, Zaki further added.

  We have concluded an agreement with UAE to dispatch Afghan laborers to their labor market and we are in discussion with Saudi Arabia to sign such another deal in near future.

We hope to start the dispatching of our laborers to the UAE next year. 

Ahmad Wali Massoud and Wasil Noor Muhmand also praised the martyrs’ background and their magnificence and immensity and added they have sacrificed themselves in the way of Allah; they are not dead but alive.

In conclusion, blood giving campaign was also launched which most of the participators took part to give their blood for the wounded people of recent ruthless attacks.

And finally, the ceremony was ended with the rest pray for all the martyrs of the country.