Supportive center for vulnerable children opened in Kabul

His Excellency Faizullah Zaki Minister of Labour and Social affairs has inaugurated a centre in Kart-e-Seh Area of Kabul city for the support and protection of vulnerable children in Afghan society with the capacity of 30 to 150 children simultaneously.  Nevertheless, His Excellency minister has emphasized on the protection of vulnerable children in societies and added: now we have 30 supportive centres for the protection of children throughout the country which are sponsored by nongovernmental organizations. Kart-e-Seh centre is included in the next fiscal year budget (1398) and will be managed professionally by board management of 20 professional graduators of social Science faculty from Kabul University to serve these children.

In the next fiscal year, seven new supportive centres for the protection of vulnerable children will be constructed by the worth of $700000 in seven Zones of country Mr Zaki revealed.

KhirKhana supportive centre which is funded by the USA will be constructed by modern standards for the protection of vulnerable and offenders children from the law.

It is mentionable that these support centres will protect vulnerable and offender’s children of law or those who lost their houses. These centres will be maintained by the ministry of labour and social affairs temporally and this ministry will facilitate their nutrition, subsistence entertainments and education.

In the end, these children will be reintegrated to their families by social staffs.