Afghan government announces National strategy for migrants’ laborers.

 This strategy was announced in a ceremony to participators and Media servicemen by His Excellency Faizullah Zaki Minister of Labour and Social Affairs comprised with country director of International Labour Organization, Director of National Labors organization of Afghanistan, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Youths Affairs, delegates from National and International organizations and some directors of Labour and Social Affairs ministry’s related departments.

A strategy which is concluded with the cooperation of international Labour organization is a positive step toward creating facilities in the field of labourers dispatch to foreign countries and migrants’ labourers, this strategy is a big hope to facilitate the process of dispatch and to overcome all the barriers in migrants’ labourers said, Faizullah Zaki.

Beside of announcing this strategy, Mr Zaki said that Afghan Government is determined to decrease unemployment rate in the Country, most of the governmental institutions and private sector have pledged to create more than 2,8 million jobs in the next few years at National labour conference launched by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in May this year.

His Excellency also mentioned from CITIZENS’ CHARTER NATIONAL PRIORITY PROGRAM implemented by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and development and program which created 328000 new jobs.

If we collect all the statistics from the expense of developmental budgets of ministries we will have the significant statistic of employment in our country and we expect the budget of next fiscal year will focus more on entrepreneurship Mr Zaki farther added.

Minister of Labour and Social Affair also reminded from some endeavours across the country for the creation of more and more jobs, one of these endeavours is the labourers dispatch to foreign countries, and this is a positive step and Gateway for the reduction of unemployment rate in our country. The first group of labourers migration will be dispatched to UAE next spring by official Airways according to regulations and after the conclusion of contracts with the host countries.

Afghanistan has earned the membership in Colombo plan which 12 Asian countries are members of this plan an association which only dispatches labourers to foreign countries, Afghanistan was also included in the discussion table of Abu Dubai’sdialogue, only laborers’Host countries have membership in this Dialogue and we expect that a super-governmental delegates from Afghanistan will participate in this Dialogue.                                   Nevertheless, Khir Muhammad Niro the General Director of Human Force and Labor’s relations has revealed some power points of this strategy in three fields as below:

ü  Maintenance of migrants and labourers’ rights and reinforcement services.

ü  Increment of labourers migrations’ developmental benefits.

ü  And improvement in the management of labours migration.

It is mentionable that labours migrations’ strategy is codified for five years (2018-2022) that will facilitate all the essential requirements of labourers in foreign countries.