First round of SIYB and GYBI trainings is completed


A ceremony held in Afghan-Korea Vocational training institutes’ conference room, One hundred people (male and female) earned their certificates from two week trainings of Start and improve your Idea (SIYB) and generate your business Idea (GYBI).

To create their own business and commercial’s ideas and how to start microbusinesses according to the current economic situation of Afghanistan in future this one hundred trainees were trained mostly practically by 22 master trainers in two weeks, said Mir Jalaludin Husham Head of AKVTI.

This training process will be continued in the future and we are determined to graduate 100 more trainees next week, by implementation of these economical ideas every trainee after starting his/her own business will create 5 more jobs to others. This trend will decrease the unemployment rate in our Country.  He further added.  

Subsequently Mr. Julious a master trainer from international labour organization said:  these kinds of programs have their basic, positive and sufficient impact in economic growth of a country especially in reduction of unemployment rate and those trainees who start their own business will have better income for themselves.

It is the first time we start SIYB and GYBI in Kabul after Balkh and Herat in 2016, He added.

These trainings were launched with the cooperation of international Labour organization, UNHCR, UNDP and AKVTi and will be continued in the future.