History of MOLSAMD

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled.
Ministry of Labour,Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) is the focal Ministry of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan mandated to work on Labour Affairs, Social Protection and Welfare and providing services for persons with disabilities and families of Martyrs. The Afghanistan Compact, a document which lays down the broad development strategy for Afghanistan has identified three critical and interdependent areas of activity (Pillars):

     1) Security
     2) Governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights
     3) Economic and Social Development

As such, the work and mandate of the Ministry is very crucial particularly for contributing in achieving the third critical goal of the Afghanistan Compact. To fulfill its Mission, the MoLSAMD has further divided into four Programs.

     1) Labor Welfare & Skill Development Program
     2) Program for the Welfare of the Families of Martyrs & Disabled
     3) Social Welfare Program
     4) Administration & Finance Capacity Development Program

Future Outlook

MoLSAMD is the focal Ministry in the field of Social Protection in Afghanistan. It is a poor country with more than 42% of the people living below the poverty line (BPL). This section of the population is in need of sustained help for a number of years to better their living condition. The Ministry, therefore, has its task cut out and needs to restructure itself and enhance its capabilities thereby making it more effective and efficient to deliver the desired services to the various target groups.
As resources will be a constraint in the foreseeable future, there is a need to prioritize the activities of the Ministry. The following are some of the targets the Ministry would strive to accomplish:

To build a fiscally affordable social protection system.
To build a fiscally sustainable and efficient pension system.
To enhance social inclusion of the marginalized groups like the people with disabilities; their families of Martyrs; women headed households, Kuchis, and minorities.
To get rid of child labor in Afghanistan.
To decrease inequality and help the poor climb out of poverty.
To support the implementation of Afghanistan Compact benchmarks, ANDS and the Afghanistan Millennium Development Goals.
To impart trainings in skill development with priority to the Martyrs, Disabled and women.
Enact legislation which will empower the Disabled and women.
Enact legislations giving preferential employment to the Disabled and women within the government sector.
Subscribe to all the international labour laws and conventions.
To build the capacity of the managers and staff of the Ministry by enhancing their knowledge & skills, hiring new qualified staff and officers, developing a new organizational culture consistent with modern management principles and introducing ICT.
To formulate and implement policies, programs and projects which will increase employment opportunities for the labor force, enhance their welfare and build their skills.
To decrease the number of drug users in the country.
To enhance aid coordination between the Ministry, NGOs and various donor agencies.
Draft & Promulgate Regulations on all Labor related issues.
Establish a Social Safety Standard Protection Center.
Establish a Child Protection Secretariat.
Take steps to privatize all kindergartens and re-organization of the orphanages operating under the Ministry.
Set up 170 Day Care Centers over a period of five years.
Set up shelters for women in difficult circumstances.
To provide for welfare of street children.
To expand the Employment service Centers to 15 more provinces.
To merge the payment delivery system used for payments to families of Martyrs & Disabled with those of the Pension Department.
To examine the existing Social Safety Net and prepare a new social protection policy.