Deputy Minister Of Social Affairs - Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled

Deputy Minister Of Social Affairs


Wasel Noor Momand Deputy Minister in Social Affairs

         Wasel Noor Momand son of Rahimullah was born in 1951 in Khamadan Zakhil (3rd district of Kundoz, Afghanistan).

Ustad Wasel completed his primary studies at Shir Khan School of Kundoz Province in 1963, then studied Kabul Teacher Training College and finally graduated from history and geography department of Kabul University. He also graduated from 17th grade of Teacher Training Academy in 1976. Ustad Wasel got his master degree in Persian Literature from Peshawar University in 1983 and then studied CESL English Language program of Arizona University in USA and graduated in 1985. He is an expert of language and literature and addition to his native language (Pashto), He can fluently speak Dari, Urdu and English as well.


Duties before Immigration

§  1975 - 1978: Professional and social science instructor at kondoz Teacher Training College.

§  1976: 17th grade student of Teacher Training College and Academic Cadre of Higher education.


Duties during Immigration

§  1979 - 1986: Instructor in Central Asia Research Center at Peshawar University.

§  1986: Caretaker of advisory board of Islamic Jamiat Party.

§  1988: Administrative secretary director of Islamic Union (Afghanistan 7 parties during Jihad against Soviet union Regime).

§  1989: Member of Consultative Council in Rawalpindi of Pakistan and founder of the interim government in Peshawar.

§  1989: Administrative director of the Ministry of Reconstruction in interim and transitional government in Peshawar.

§  Editor of Kondoz Jihadi Shora and Simaye Mujahed magazine.


Duties after the victory of Jihad (Mujahedin)

§  1992: Administrative Director in the Ministry of Public Work.

§  1993: Director of foreign relation in the Ministry of Commerce.

§  1994: Deputy Director General in Government Administrative Affairs.

§  Legislative Council Member of Kundoz People.

§  General Director of administration affairs in Takhar Province during resistance of Northern Front.

§  General Directorate Secretariat of Hamid Karzai’s electoral campaign in Kunduz.

§  After presidential election in 2005 occupied job with Ministry Of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled.

§  Deputy Minister in Social Affairs of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled from 1384/2005 till now.


Foreign Trips during Immigration

Pakistan, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Senegal, Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran.


Cultural and Scientific Research works during Immigration

1.       Familiarization with Afghanistan’s villages and provinces. (essay)

2.       Chronology of magazines and newspapers in Afghanistan. (essay)

3.       Cognition of Abdullah Ansari. (essay)

4.       Preparation of Afghanistan political map. (essay)

5.       Wakhan NIWAK risk. (book)

6.       Kondoz Geographical Condition. (essay)

7.       Soviet Government Collusions in Kundoz. (essay)

8.       Successes and unity of Mujahudin. (essay)


Outline of Past Affairs

§  Founded national and international institution of Children Protection Affairs Network (CPAN) in Kabul and other provinces.

§  Supporting development programs for risk facing children, especially in the field of child smuggling in 23 categories. Expanding awareness programs for violence against children as well as for orphans. Unaccompanied street children. Prevention from time before and forced marriage.

§  SAARC regional cooperation extension.

§  Translation of SAARC regional charter.

§  Gaining South Asia Forum membership.

§  Implementation of Child Rights Convention (CRC) which Afghanistan signed in 1994.

§  Designing and codification of Regional Protection Strategy, which involve the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS).

§  Solicitation of financial and regional cooperation and sharing of regional protection strategy with South Asian countries.

§  Coordination of all non-governmental and governmental administrations, NGOs, national and international organization for children and disabled rights support.

§  Employment of 28 children’s experts in 51 districts and some provinces of the country for CPNS

§  Expanding of Affected Children Support Centers (training centers, reintegration of unaccompanied and orphans and development of kindergartens in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan).

§  Member of the Children Renovation Center Council in the Ministry of Justice.

§  Member of Prisons superior council in the Ministry of Justice.

§  Leadership board member in report providing of the UN human rights in the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

§  Board member of begging Prohibition in Afghanistan.

§  Engagement of five million dollars for three projects to support children.


Official Trips during work as Deputy Minister

§  25 - 27, Sep. 2005: Conference of Literacy for All in Cairo, Egypt.

§  12 - 18, Apr. 2006: Technology Everywhere, Technical Programs and Educational Seminars, Busan South Korea.

§  11 - 24, Nov. 2006: Leadership and Management Development Training in Berlin, Germany.

§  24 - 6, Jul. 2006: SAARC Conference.

§  Violence against children and smuggling conference, Islamabad, Pakistan.

§  AIDS Control Conference, Katmandu, Nepal.

§  15 - 17, Apr. 2008: Making regional protection strategy and annihilating violence against children symposium, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

§  Geneva journey for presenting human rights report to UN human rights agency.

§  13 - 17, Sep. 2009: reviewing the report of children rights, Philippine and Geneva.


Medals and Certificates

§  17-20, Jul. 2006: Participation certificate in Employment program, marketing importance, Work Chances for refugees in Europe training.

§  12-18, Apr. 2006: Participation certificate in Technology Everywhere, Technical Programs and Educational Seminars in Busan, South Korea.

§  11-24, Nov. 2006: Participation certificate in Leadership and Management Development Training, Berlin, Germany.

§  27-29, Feb. 2008: Participation certificate in Disabled General Assembly, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

§  1st, May. 2007: First honorary medal of Labors’ International Day by leadership council of the Afghan labor National union.

§  Regional Security Workshop Certificate about the support mechanisms for needy families, World Bank, USA.