Directorate of Administrative Services

The Directorate of Administration and Services is one of the prominent directorates under the Deputy ministry of Finance and Administration. This directorate is responsible for organizing and management of services as well as preservation and maintenance of the ministry’s properties and infrastructures.

The Directorate of Admin and Services, has two departments (Department of Services and Department of Properties). Moreover, it has four managerial unities such as, General Engineering Unite, General Preservation and Maintenance Unite, Transportation Unite and Accounting Unite.

All the head of departments and unites are lead (and are accountable) to the Director of Admin and Services.

The Department of Properties is responsible for recording and storing documents of the ministries properties, in center (Kabul) and provinces. Also, it is responsible for pursuing the legal affairs in relation to illegal acquisition of government properties and lands.

The Engineering General Unite: This unite, work under the directorate of Admin and Services. It is assigned with the duty to estimate the renovation and reparation, needs and requirements of the ministry’s buildings and infrastructure. It is assigned to look after the maintenance and preservation of ministry’s buildings. 

The Preservation and Maintenance Unite: This is another unites working under the directorate of Admin and Services. This unite is assigned to monitor the “control guidance” and integration of preservation and maintenance affairs.  On the other hand, this unite is responsible to look after the greenery and cleanness of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled. Electricity system, canalization system and water system of the ministry is maintained and provided by this unite of the Directorate of Administration and Services. 

Unite of Transportation: This unite, is responsible for the arranging, planning and managing the transportation services, for the authorities and general employees of the MoLSAMD. Official travels to the provinces by road is also organized and facilitated by this unite.

Items Account Unite: this is another unite under the directorate of Administration and Services, responsible for the recording of the purchased items and their distribution to the relevant offices based on their approved request.

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Fahim Hashimi

Director of Administration and Services

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled

Kabul Afghanistan

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