General Directorate of Orphanages:

This is one of the main directorates of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD). The General Directorate of Orphanages comes under the Deputy Ministry for Social Affairs that is one of the four Deputy Ministries in (MoLSAMD).

This directorate has the strategic goal of empowering the social protection networks especially which are focused on the protection of children, disabled, youth, senior citizens and their social participation for the progress.

In particular, this directorate aims to support the orphans, children with guardian and children at risk by providing them protection, fostering, education, food and shelter and their reintegration with the society as active citizens.

Major functions of the Directorate of Orphanages:

This directorate strives to cover the eligible children by providing them food, shelter, protection, guidance and education through government and non government orphanages.

·         To construct, reconstruct and renovate the orphanage’s buildings, hostels, class-rooms, parks, and other infrastructures essentially required for fostering the children.

·         To suggest and lobby for the improvement in the context of government regulations and manuals for the orphanages.

·         To provide medical care and treatment for the eligible children in the orphanages.

·         To improve the capacity and quality of the teachers and staff of the orphanages by providing them with short-term capacity building workshops and seminars.

·         To provide the children with essential education that will allow them to go for higher education. 

·         To organize, facilitate conferences and seminars for raising awareness and profound understanding of the children at risk, children under the orphanage’s care and way forward and solutions.

·         To provide and facilitate the sport activities for the children and their physical and mental growth.

·         To Monitor and observe the work and behavior of the orphanages and child-care houses.

At present, there are 9,861 (2,364 female- 7,497 male) orphans and children at risk covered under the services of 63 government and private orphanages, who receive food, shelter and education.

Contact us:

Faizan Ahmad Kakar
Director General Orphanages (Parwarishgah)


Cell:                   +93 (0) 774 600 576