The main executive duties of MoLSAMD leadership’s directorate office 

- executive directorate office is as ring of  connection  and energetic  relation between all units of MoLSAMD in Kabul and provinces in different fields as, proliferation of orders, provision, other instruction of high authorities and approvals of  affairs administration  and cabinet, also follow up  of the realization of them for confidence of applicant authorities and  references.

- Arrangement meetings of the supreme board of ministry and send the approvals of that for implementation and realization. And follow up the performance of that.


- Arrangement of meeting for leadership of ministry with ambassadors, members of parliament, representatives of internal and external NGOs and other donors. Also reporting the meeting and follow up the performance via related departments.

- Preparation, registration, send and follow up the different suggestions to presidential supreme leader, executive directorate, independent commission of demonstrative reform and civil services, to obtain approval of them for implementation via related departments.

- Giving advice about the enrichment of policies related to labor, social affairs, martyrs and disables affair ministry.

- Acceptance of petitions of clients and personals of ministry, issuance of sentences, obtain of post’s consideration, registration and sending information of that, to related departments, collection of petitions and complains from clients and the personals of ministry and offering of them to the ministry’s post for issuance of sentences and sending information to related departments about these sentences.

- Providing energetic relation of this ministry with other ministries, governmental and nongovernmental independent agencies for better solidarity of affairs.

- Providing relation with central and provincial units to regulate affairs, issuing guidance and obtaining of approvals reports about their implementation.

- To send on time all documents of central and provincial units, governmental and nongovernmental references, internal and external institutions.

- According to the regulations of archive, protection and maintenances of all important and necessary documents of ministry

- Database of all necessary documents of past time, to create facilities in affairs.

- Giving direction to clients about related and central departments of the ministry.

- Setting time of meeting to the clients with the leadership of labor, socials affairs martyrs and disables ministry.

- Preparation of drafts and informational reports from capital and provinces to the leadership of ministry.